About Us

Alphasix Aviation provides access to luxury air travel for individuals, families, workforce, and businesses. We typically offer on-demand charter services, allowing customers to book a private jet for a specific date and time that fits their schedule.

We have access to a large fleet of airliners, including small, mid-size, and large jets. We provide clients with a range of options depending on their needs and budgets, from short-haul trips, military bases movements, remote locations to long-range international flights we organize it all.

In addition to aircraft rental, we offer a range of services to make the travel experience as comfortable and efficient as possible. This may include in-flight catering, landing permits, jet fuel, ground transportation, and personalized concierge services to assist with travel arrangements.

At its core, we value the time, safety, and wellbeing of our clients, we follow strict measures making sure that the client is been well cared from the point of them making a flight request until they reach their destinations. We adhere to strict safety standards and regulations to ensure the safety of our passengers.


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